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Jul 29, 2012

PokerTracker 4 Public Beta test finished, check your trial

Sunday, July 29, 2012 Posted by Unknown , No comments

PokerTracker 4 Reverts to Trial Mode on August 4th

We would like to express our gratitude for participating in the PokerTracker 4 Public Beta. We could not have finished PokerTracker 4 without the insight of players like you; we thank you for your help and continued support of PokerTracker.

PokerTracker 4 was commercially released on July 24th. Now that the Public Beta program has ended, your PokerTracker 4 license will revert to Trial Mode on August 4th 2012. PokerTracker offers this free 30-day trial period for Beta users to have the time for a final evaluation prior to buying PokerTracker 4. There are some basic limitations with a trial license; if you purchase PokerTracker today then you can avoid playing in trial mode, you can purchase from inside PokerTracker 4's COMMUNITY or by logging into your account at

Convert to a licensed copy of PokerTracker 4:

To convert from a Beta or Trial to a licensed copy of PokerTracker 4 you must be logged into your account. Your PokerTracker 4 license will be automatically upgraded upon restart after your purchase is made.
Click here to convert to a licensed copy of PokerTracker 4

Trial Limitations:

  • "Get Hands While Playing" will only run for 30 minutes before stopping; once this 30-minute period is up you will have to restart PT4 in order to import while playing again
  • The HUD will display "TRIAL: Please Register"
  • You cannot create or import custom statistics
  • You cannot search with TableTracker
  • To continue using PokerTracker 4 after the 30 day trial period PokerTracker must be purchased

Upgrade Process from PokerTracker 3 to PokerTracker 4:

To upgrade from PokerTracker 3 to PokerTracker 4 you must be logged into your account. Go to My Account -> Order History to view any upgrade discounts that you may qualify for.

Special Upgrade Discount for PokerTracker 3 Users:

If you purchased PokerTracker 3 after June 10th 2011 then you are eligible for a free upgrade to the equivalent version of PokerTracker 4. To receive a free upgrade, you must place the order and proceed through the checkout process as normal – a price of $0.00 will be displayed to confirm that you qualify for the free upgrade. All upgrade discounts will be automatically applied to your purchase prior to checkout. If you feel you are eligible for an upgrade discount that was not applied, please make sure that all of your prior PokerTracker 3 orders are shown on your Order History page. If your prior PokerTracker 3 orders are missing, please link your previous orders on that same page to earn your upgrade discount.